got questions?



What is the shelf life of your confections?

Nobody puts Baby in the corner or on a shelf!  You are purchasing chocolates and caramels made with fresh cream and other ephemeral ingredients, so please keep these confections at low room temperature of 68 degrees or refrigerated until two hours before serving.  Please consume within 10 days of purchase.  


Are your confections gluten free?



What kind of chocolate do you use?

Our chocolate is 70% dark organic, fair trade certified.


Do your confections contain nuts or other allergens?

We never use preservatives, hydrogenated oils, gums or waxes in our products. Some of our products do contain nuts and all are made in a facility that uses peanuts, soy, tree nuts and milk proteins.



Are you currently shipping your confections?

We ship nationwide via FedEx. If you are in Telluride, CO or the town of Mountain Village, CO, contact us about delivery at


Do you ship year round?

No.  Due to the nature of luxury preservative free confections, we are unable to ship in warmer months.  Shipping will be available between November and March.  


How much does it cost to ship?

This will vary based on the amount you order.  We ship using only overnight and two/three-day methods with ice packs.  This is the only way we can ensure your confections reach you as intended.


Do you ship every day?

No.  We ship on Tuesdays to ensure all confections reach their destination prior to the weekend. 


Can I buy your chocolate and ship it myself?

Yes, you can, but we highly recommend you use ice packs and two day shipping.  We can not guarantee chocolates that you ship yourself.


Will i need to sign for a delivery?

We do not ship with a signature requirement.  Please plan to be available to receive your delivery based on your selected ship date.  We are not able to guarantee an unattended delivery.